Are you in need of a lil pick-me-up? Or a down walk down memory lane? Our new bundles come PACKED to the brim full of stickers, air fresheners and greeting cards Send to your loved ones or keep them for yourself - we don't judge.

Package includes: 

  • Kim Crying Air Freshener 
  • Frida Air Freshener 
  • Take Cake Air Freshener 
  • Donut Air Freshener 
  • Ferrari Air Freshener 
  • Cherries Air Freshener
  • Cactus Air Freshener 
  • Life Hand Freshener 
  • Chris Air Freshener 
  • Cardi B 1/2 Body Air Freshener 
  • Styling Air Freshener 
  • Vodka Air Freshener 
  • Lil Pump Air Freshener
  • Kim Crying Sticker
  • Toronto Sticker
  • Look Here Sticker
  • Kim Crying Greeting Card 
  • Keeping Up Greeting Card
  • Bey-Bey Greeting Card
  • Hems Greeting Card
  • Frida Greeting Card
  • The Game Pin 
  • Chance Pin 
  • Fries Before Guys Pin 

RRP: $78, Discounted Bundle Price: $39. 

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