Are you in need of a lil pick-me-up? Or a down walk down memory lane? Our new bundles come PACKED to the brim full of stickers, air fresheners and greeting cards Send to your loved ones or keep them for yourself - we don't judge. 

Package includes: 

  • Kramer Air Freshener 
  • JS Air Freshener 
  • Mailman Air Freshener 
  • Festivus Air Freshener 
  • Finger Up Air Freshener 
  • It's the Pants Air Fresheners 
  • Hanky Panky Air Fresheners
  • I'll be Back Air Fresheners 
  • Bill Murray Air Fresheners 
  • Finger Sticker 
  • Relieved Sticker
  • Cherries Sticker
  • Trump Clown Sticker 
  • Kevin Heart Greeting Card 
  • That's What She Said Greeting Card 
  • ASAP Greeting Card
  • Jerk Store Pin 
  • America Pin 
  • Newspaper Pin 

RRP: $62, Discounted Bundle Price: $32. 

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